Che succede a Wuhan? un report dal global times

Pubblicato: luglio 29, 2010 in Arte e Societa' 艺术与社会, My Better City, Zona 區
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By Zhang Lei

A diving platform isn’t usually a stage, but when the swimming area at Wuhan’s East Lake in Hubei Province was transformed into a theatre on July 14, the audience seemed happy. As the driving rain stopped, the drama began with love songs played by street musicians, soon attracting a crowd of passersby.

As part of the ongoing art project Everyone’s East Lake, the drama Free XX, is a “social drama” created by dramatist Wu Meng, who was inspired by the news in late March that 450 acres of East Lake were going to be filled up and built into a theme park by OverseasChinese Town (OCT), a Shenzhen-based real estate developer.

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